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Get the facts, figures, news and the status of America. Unbiased, non-partisan and easy to understand so you can stay informed.


Connecting people to people, people to government, and businesses to other businesses. Discover commonality and move forward with the strength of collaboration.


Teaching the essentials of civic responsibility, personal accountability and government functions. Curriculum for schools, businesses and every American.


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Looking beyond the partisan labels and hard-line viewpoints is a place of shared purpose and common principles. It’s time to focus on the issues based on where we agree rather than how we differ.

As an educational and informational resource, Align America’s unbiased and non-partisan initiative is focused on improving Americans’ political and social comprehension, creating a united vision, aligning businesses and organizations through common goals, and connecting the people more directly with their elected representatives.


Champions of Liberty 2019

Align America Inc. and The NKY Tea Party are pleased to announce we will be hosting the 2019 Champions of Liberty event on Friday, August 9th at the Receptions Event Center, 1379 Donaldson Highway, Erlanger, KY 41018. Again, this year Bavarian Waste and Triggers are...

8 months ago

Align America

The Radical Left Has Driven America's Political Divide ...

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8 months ago

Align America

The Media's "Very Fine People" Myth ...

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