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About U.S. Align America is an educational and civic engagement 501 C 3 organization seeking open communications, diverse opinions and solution discovery for Liberty and Economic Prosperity issues. People want freedom, prosperity and safety, the very founding principles the United States is constitutional based upon. We the People have allowed through poor voting choices to allow political leaders to make government the source hand-outs in exchange for safety.

Since governments do not make products or services, they have no ability to give one person a dollar that they have not taken from a working person. Align America believes and will argue, they have no greater moral right to take your money than an individual has to take your money.  As we have been forced to stay at home, watch private (small) businesses declared non-essential and likely into bankruptcy, employees forced into unemployment and now our cities and businesses are burnt down, where are the city, state and Congressional leadership? Have you seen political leaders attempting to stop demonstration or to ensure by their very presence, a peaceful, lawful demonstration for justice?

Unemployed or under-employed frustrated Americans do exist, cries for criminal justice is real and meanwhile political leaders do not lead, instead they are attempting through the plunder of working Americans to buy-off your anger in exchange for safety which they cannot provide. Did they shield senior citizens from the virus or the small business owners closed by forced and now looted and burned? Americans are generous and the most helpful people in the world, however, it is time that majority stand up and says no to plundering taxation, no to government dependency vs individual responsibility and yes to uplifting all Americans without dividing Americans.

THE LAW written by FRÉDÉRIC BASTIAT in 1850:   Existence, faculties, assimilation—in other words, personality, liberty, property—this is man. It is of these three things that it may be said, apart from all demagogic subtlety, that they are anterior and superior to all human legislation.

It is not because men have made laws, that personality, liberty, and property exist. On the contrary, it is because personality, liberty, and property exist beforehand, that men make laws. What, then, is law? As I have said elsewhere, it is the collective organization of the individual right to lawful defense. Nature, or rather God, has bestowed upon every one of us the right to defend his person, his liberty, and his property, since these are the three constituent or preserving elements of life; elements, each of which is rendered complete by the others, and that cannot be understood without them. For what are our faculties, but the extension of our personality? and what is property, but an extension of our faculties?

If every man has the right of defending, even by force, his person, his liberty, and his property, a number of men have the right to combine together to extend, to organize a common force to provide regularly for this defense.



Align America is a 501 C 3 nonprofit organization developing educational resources supporting the United States constitution of God given rights and principles. We promote civic engagement involving individual freedom, responsibility and prosperity by providing citizens our resources to communicate to friends, family and elected officials why self-responsibility, accountability and liberty best succeeds within a free market economy with minimal government regulatory interference. All donations are voluntary, tax deductible, private and Align America never accepts any funding from any government entity.

We need your help to restore the greatest country formed under and by God to free all human beings having free-will choice, liberty, prosperity and pursuit the happiness found within the heart and soul of every person. That is why the world’s souls desire to enter our America. 

Interested in more information on assisting Align America or to becoming involved in research: contact Larry Brown: LBrown@AlignAmerica.org   or call 859 813-0408

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