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Who We Are
Align America is a non-partisan, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization energized to create and maintain government reform utilizing positive and responsible activities, and connecting the American people to the elected officials who represent them.

What We Provide – Information . Connection . Education
Align America is a non-partisan, unbiased informational resource providing information, educational curriculums, web applications and other services designed to educate and inspire personal accountability and responsibility in all Americans. Through our website, on Facebook®, via email, and with our unique website application, we will keep Americans educated and informed, and connect them to their elected representatives in a revolutionary way. We will work toward a sensible government, and we will provide the tools for Americans to make educated decisions at the voting booth and to easily track and hold their representatives accountable. We are not just a one-way resource, but look to create a two-way dialogue empowering an actionable channel back to Washington by continuing to develop tools to engage the American people.

Our Goals
Providing unbiased information about the state of our nation and guiding the American people with the power of knowledge, the American people will realize a renewed sense of responsibility. By connecting the American people in a new and unique way with the government officials who represent them, they will be provided with the information to get involved in their community and their government, and make informed decisions at election time and are committed to providing information on each candidate. As we work to eliminate counterproductive, partisan power struggles and return our government to a positive and efficient environment where better decisions will be made – the US Constitution will serve as our foundation. Like the reformed government we will some day realize, we will make organized, sensible and simple decisions in everything that we do to ensure the United States is returned to glory and continues on that path.

How We Are Unique
An overwhelming majority of American tax payers understand that our financial and governmental situation is leading us on a path to disaster, but they simply feel powerless to bring about change. Align America will continue to educate the American people and provide a positive, actionable resource to reconnect them to their government and to like-minded people and organizations. Other organizations are focused on similar reform to laws and procedures and we are supportive of their goals, but where Align America is unique is in our approach to resolving the issues. We are focused on targeting the root cause – we are focused on fixing the source. Representatives and the existing governmental environment have continued to fail the American people, and relying on them to resolve our issues has resulted in compounded problems. That is why we are focused on reforming our governmental structure and increasing accountability of our representatives through information, connection and education.

Join us as we continue to develop tools and empower the people to put America back in Washington.

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