Our second cornerstone is the connections we are building between citizens, businesses, and our elected representatives. We connect people in the commonality that we share as a nation and find in our Mission Statement. Working together enhancing individual liberty and prosperity through free marketplace choices, not governmental dependency uplifts all Americans, creates pride and individual wellbeing.

We the People

 Shared vision and united commonality does not mean a lack of diversity, instead it means each individual understands they are in control of their decisions and must take responsibility of those decision’s consequences and it is not society’s role to share that responsibility nor government.

  • Free Individuals and financially healthy America creates and up lifts all American’s opportunity for prosperity. It is not the place of Kings, Tyrants, or government to dictate our marketplace choices however it is our freedom to hold, express, and debate difference of opinions that we share in common.  
  • Free marketplaces of ideas, products and services, each striving to reach a mutually beneficial level. But honest, open debate is needed. Real data and results is necessary to achieve mutually beneficial satisfaction. A satisfaction that which is brief and fliting due to new competition, technologies, change in consumer needs but never should we allow government to decide the winner, best product or company we the people chose to do business.  

What is the Process

An Informed and vocal citizen, that is YOU. Elected officials listen to VOTERS and only you can vote.  Lobbyists, corporations nor associations cannot vote. Your involvement and access to government and our representatives is a cornerstone of the US Constitution, our liberties, and our future. Acting together, We the People can and will be heard in Frankfort, D.C. or the local city council meeting.

  • Using multiple social media platforms, we will connect liberty ideas with political leaders and you. We must find and elect small government thinkers who will set about the business of reducing regulations, taxes, and the reach into private citizens everyday lives.

Business: Especially Small businesses.

  • Advocacy and facilitation of business collaboration because the free enterprise marketplace meets our personal, safety, health, and economic needs better than any government program.
  • Businesses operate by a mutually profitable and beneficial products and services chosen in a free economy. That is not a bad thing. We will advocate free capitalist markets serving Americans because private property and enterprise is the salvation of freedom. We have seen too government programs attempt to pick winners, services or products for us and they have failed miserably and a great cost to taxpaying public. It is not the politician’s money they are using and it is time it stops.


  • A source of information and connection is underway. Web site become outdated, stale, or uninteresting due to the rapid technological use of citizens. A redesign and dedicated committee are needed, this could be your contribution to Align America.

  Contact Larry Brown  Email:  or call 859 813 0408 

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