Our second cornerstone is the connections that we are building between people, businesses and our elected representatives. We connect people with people on the commonality that we share as a nation. We connect businesses to other businesses to ensure that they work together to maintain a strong and enduring America. We connect people to their elected representatives to ensure that our representatives vote with our best interests in mind.


  • Shared vision and united commonality
  • Focusing an our shared visions of a financially healthy America and individual prosperity, we unite on commonality instead of dividing on difference of opinion. A common foundation can be found in every situation and we build on that foundation to reach our collective goals.


  • Involvement in and access to government and our representatives
  • Align America connects the American people to the American process. Utilizing technology and information, we sync the people to the process which governs them and bridge the gap which disconnects us from our government.


  • Advocacy and facilitation of business collaboration
  • Our business and organization advocacy program facilitates collaboration to create and change policies to be fair and effective for ALL businesses, organizations and industries. Working together, businesses can affect change and promote success.


  • News, information, Polls, Representative Connection, Bill Tracking
  • News: Ongoing articles and news of current events and information on trending topics. See our most recent articles posted on our home page or search through past articles.
  • Information: Statistics and demographics (FactBook™) to give a baseline of knowledge about the United States.
  • Polls: Polls help each American voice their opinion and gain insight into the opinions of their fellow Americans.
  • Rep Connection & Bill Tracking: Part of the Connection cornerstone is our unique application which allows a more personal connection to your elected representatives. Creating an account lets you see your voting district, representatives, pending & passed legislation, and gives you the power to tell your officials how you would like them to vote – you can even contact your representatives anytime directly from the application. You will never again be in the dark about what laws are pending and passed, and how YOUR representative voted after they saw the requested votes of their district.

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