Our third and final cornerstone is the education of our nation. A curriculum that teaches civic, financial, and personal responsibility, as well as the history and function of our government. It will prepare our citizens for the realities of pursuing The American Dream with realistic expectations and common sense rationale for how civil society functions.


  • Education on what our individual and collective involvement and responsibilities are and how to thrive in a values-based society.
  • Our ongoing educational efforts focus on helping Americans to realize our common foundation, and provide educational tools for increasing comprehension of core the principles which promote individual and collective success.


  • Exposure to historical facts and contemporary applications to maintain integrity and accountability.
  • Teaching financial principles, budgeting, government structure and the voting process, economic basics, personal accountability and responsibility and coping strategies for unrealized expectations.


  • Advocacy materials and resources for business collaboration and employee continuing education
  • Our advocacy program will educate businesses on the needs and results of collaboration, and provide tools to move forward. Additionally, our adult-focused curriculum will provide continuing education to employees and their families.

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