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Most organizations that are seeking government reform are labeled as conservative “Republican” or “Tea Party” movements. Are you affiliated with either of these?
Align America is a non-partisan organization. Our focus is on the factual education of the American people without the bias that so often accompanies information from political organizations in hopes of inspiring a renewed sense of responsibility and accountability. Our goals are the goals of the American people, and sensible changes are often shared across organizations, but we are not affiliated with any other organization.

Are you a political organization, and if so, what exactly does non-partisan mean?
Align America is only “political” in the sense that we hope to affect the political process. Non-partisan means that we are not affiliated with any political party (Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, Tea Party etc..) nor are we our own political party. We welcome all Americans, regardless of political affiliation, to join us in the education and accountability that will positively influence our country.

I have read about your “unique application” to connect America to Washington. What exactly is it?
Our website will continue to evolve to serve the needs of the American people. Our main website is the educational resource that will help educate the American people with facts and unbias information about the state of our nation. Our “unique application” is accessed through creating a free account on our website. This will give you individually specific tools based on your location that will give you access to pending legislation and let you decide whether or not it should be become law. This information will be shared with your representatives, and after the vote you will see how your representative voted. There is much more that it does including: email updates, direct contact access to your representatives, calendars, individualized candidate bios and MUCH more.

It seems that you avoid taking a solid position on individual issues. Where do you stand?
Issues can be a very delicate and divisive subjects. We have worked very diligently to ensure that individual issues do not hinder our goal of uniting Americans on a foundation of commonality. Too many organizations are focused on what divides us instead of what unites us. After reviewing the Factbook, we feel confident that the American people will be united in the responsible changes that must be made to ensure that our pursuit of life and liberty will not be challenged. Our members have strong feelings on the issues, and we allow those feelings to guide the collective direction of our country through the democratic process.

I agree that things definitely need to change, but there is one or two issues that we might never agree on. Can I still be a part of Align America?
Absolutely! We understand that American will never agree on every issue, and we don’t want to continue to let one or two social issues keep America from discovering our common foundation. We welcome all people, regardless of religious or political affiliation, race, gender, income level… ALL Americans are encouraged to join us in our goal to educate and reform America into a strong, stable and efficient country that supports our collective goals.

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