One of the three cornerstones of Align America, our unbiased, non-partisan and easy to read and understand information provides the much-needed facts, figures and current events that you need to stay informed and make educated decisions in daily life as well as in the voting booth. The status and direction of America affects us all and Align America is your one-stop for complete information.


  • News, Reports, Literature, Videos and Tools
  • News: Ongoing articles and news of current events and information on trending topics. See our most recent articles posted on our home page or search through past articles.
  • Reports: Our growing library of special reports each focus on individual areas that require expanded and detailed explanation. Even the most complicated subjects are visually displayed to simply and effectively communicate the core ideas.
  • Literature: The Align America FactBook™ is the base resource of information, facts and statistics. Our unique literature is developed to provide at-a-glance understanding of our mission and the complicated subject matter of government and civic responsibilities.
  • Videos: Now in development – Video content will allow us to communicate information in a medium that is ideal for our visual messages. Look for videos coming soon to our website and YouTube channel.
  • Tools: Part of the Connection cornerstone is our unique application which allows a more personal connection to your elected representatives. Creating an account lets you see your voting district, representatives, pending & passed legislation, and gives you the power to tell your officials how you would like them to vote – you can even contact your representatives anytime directly from the application. You will never again be in the dark about what laws are pending and passed, and how YOUR representative voted after they saw the requested votes of their district.


  • Facebook & Twitter: Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter to be the first to receive helpful information and statistics so you are an informed and empowered citizen.


  • Indirect, mail, earned media coverage, direct marketing handouts
  • Indirect: Our message will continue to grow as we spread knowledge through all means available including indirect marketing efforts through the hands of our incredible volunteers.
  • Mail: Reaching directly into the households of America, and supporting the United States Postal Service, we will provide information by mail.
    Earned Media Coverage: With each opportunity, Align America utilizes media (news) coverage to supply the American people with information and knowledge. Earned media includes interviews, appearances and coverage that does not require us to purchase advertising.


  • Video presentations, news and television, YouTube channel
  • Video Presentations: Now in development – Utilizing video for educational, social and business development purposes is an invaluable tool in educating, connecting and informing individuals and businesses.
  • News: Align America will continue to increase our television presence on news and and talk programming to ensure that the American people get unbiased, non-partisan and easy to understand information.
  • YouTube: Look for our videos on our YouTube channel

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