What We Do


Align America is a 501 C 3 nonprofit organization developing educational resources supporting the United States constitution of God given rights and principles. We promote civic engagement involving individual freedom, responsibility and prosperity by providing citizens our resources to communicate to friends, family and elected officials why self-responsibility, accountability and liberty best succeeds within a free market economy with minimal government regulatory interference. All donations are voluntary, tax deductible, private and Align America never accepts any funding from any government entity.


Our Purpose:

Align America believes each citizen shall have a seat and voice at the political decision-making table moving Kentucky away from government dependency to free market solution ideas, constitutional based self-responsibility and prosperity which shall lift up every citizen to their greatest potential. Accomplishing our mission through educational research, citizen interaction and civic engagement advocating elected decision-makers promote individual liberty and free market economic ideas. Align America is using data driven solutions, transparency and citizen input to drive constitutional liberty into every public policy decision. Align America pledges to work cooperatively and intelligently whenever possible with similar minded organizations.


Why now?

Corporate Lobbyists, Special Interest Groups and Associations all have voices regarding taxes, spending and allocation of voter’s taxes, it is time WE the People have our constitutional rights and values restored.


Interested in more information on how you can assist Align America or to become involved in research, contact Larry Brown at: LBrownAlignAmerica@gmail.com.

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