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Align America’s Mission
As an educational and informational resource, Align America’s unbiased and non-partisan initiative is focused on improving Americans’ political and social comprehension, creating a united vision, aligning businesses and organizations through common goals, and connecting the people more directly with their elected representatives.


Easy to understand facts, figures & the status and direction of America …Details

  • Website – News, Reports, Literature, Videos and Tools
  • Social – Facebook & Twitter
  • Print – In direct mail, earned media coverage, direct marketing handouts
  • Media – Video presentations, news and television, YouTube channel


People to people, people to government & businesses to other businesses …Details

  • People – Shared vision and united commonality
  • Process – Involvement in and access to government and representatives
  • Business – Facilitate business collaboration & advocacy
  • Website – News, info, polls, Rep. connection, bill tracking


Essentials of civic responsibility, personal accountability & government functions …Details

  • Public – Educate on involvement, responsibility and values
  • Students – Exposure to historical facts and contemporary applications to maintain integrity & accountability
  • Corporate – Materials, resources and programs to connect businesses to one other to achieve common goals and educate emploees


Accurate, organized and simple informational and educational methods foster action

  • It’s Easy! – We simplified the ability to get involved, stay informed, and understand what it all means
  • Actionable – Our results driven approach assures that efforts will have results
  • Logical – Unbiased facts provide the clarity to make informed decisions and take action


Align America provides the tools for “the people” to be involved in affecting positive change

  • Resources – Information, web applications and materials
  • Community – The collective voice of Americans working toward shared goals
  • Organized – Support from a network of informed and aligned representatives and volunteers

How does this benefit you?
Through education and information, Align America will unite the American people with a refreshed and common foundation. An educated and informed society aligned with a renewed focus on simple, common sense ideas and solutions will guide America toward an enduring future. Our continuing initiatives will benefit all Americans by promoting and protecting prosperity and ensuring the power of the people directs our nation.

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